Thank you for your interest in the FRCC-Boulder County Campus (FRCC-BCC) TRIO Students Support Services (TRIO SSS) program! We are excited that you are taking the first step to ensuring your educational success.

TRIO SSS is a federally funded program that supports students during their higher education journey by providing free services to assist you with academic planning, financial aid, access to tutoring, scholarships, financial literacy, career support, and transferring to four year intuitions. Our students participate in 3 mandatory check-ins with their TRIO SSS Counselor, participate in at least 2 workshops, and attend at least 1 tutoring session per semester.


Eligibility to patriciate in the TRIO SSS program is determined by federal regulations.

  • Be a U.S. Citizen or a Permanent Resident
  • Be accepted to or enrolled at Front Range Community College as a FRCC-BCC student
  • Have earned a High School Diploma or General Education Diploma (GED)
  • Demonstrate academic need
  • Applicants must also meet one or more of the following requirements:
    • Have limited income (meet federal low-income guidelines)
    • Be a first-generation college student defined as neither parent has earned a bachelor’s degree
    • Have a documented disability

Application Instructions

You cannot save and restart this application.  You may want to review the included items, take some time to make notes and gather the required documents, and then return to submit your application.

  • Complete and sign the application
  • Provide a copy of last year’s income tax (Parent tax returns are needed if a student can still be claimed as a DEPENDENT according to federal financial aid law.)

If you have any questions, please contact us via email at

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Education Information:
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How many credits have you completed and/or transferred in? *
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What is your current GPA (enter 999 if you are a new student)? *
What is your academic standing? *
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Eligibility & Verification:
Are you a US Citizen or Permanent Resident? *
If you answered "other residency status," please stop here and talk to a TRIO SSS staff member for clarification. 
If you are a Permanent Resident, please provide your A-Number:

Please mark all criteria that apply to you:

Meet federal low-income levels
First Generation College Student
Have a documented disability

What is your dependency status?

  • Dependent Student: someone who is claimed on parent's income tax return
  • Independent Student: An "independent student" is someone who is not claimed on parent’s income tax return AND meets one of the following criteria: A) veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces, B) Have legal dependents, C) Married, D) Both parents deceased or an orphan or ward of the court, E) Be at least age twenty-four
Dependency Status: *

Family’s total TAXABLE income can be found on federal income tax forms. Household Taxable Income is household income after deductions are taken, NOT adjusted gross income. If you don't have access to tax forms right now, give us your best estimate. The information can be verified upon acceptance to the program. 

Enter dollar amount of household taxable income:

Please upload a copy of last year’s income tax (Form 1040). NOTE: Parent tax returns are needed if student can still be claimed as a DEPENDENT according to federal financial aid law. If you don't have access to tax forms right now, you can submit them upon acceptance to the program.

How many people in your household (including yourself)? *
What is your financial aid status? *

Interest in TRIO Student Support Services:
Have you participated in a TRIO program at another school?
If yes, what TRIO program and where did you participate?
ACADEMIC SUPPORT: Please check all that may be of  interest to you or that you need assistance with.
Study Skills

ACADEMIC & TRANSFER SUPPORT: Please check all that may be of  interest to you or that you need assistance with. 

Academic planning
Course selection assistance
Program of study exploration
Transfer information & assistance
Transfer plan development
FINANCIAL AID SUPPORT: Please check all that may be of  interest to you or that you need assistance with.
FAFSA information & application help
Scholarship information & application help
Transfer award letter
Understanding financial aid process and policies
FINANCIAL LITERACY: Please check all that may be of  interest to you or that you need assistance with.
How to manage credit cards
Paying for College
Savings and debt information
CAREER LITERACY: Please check all that may be of  interest to you or that you need assistance with.
Career and interest assessment
Resume & cover letter building
Where do you hope to be in 5-10 years? What obstacles may create barriers for you?*

Please tell us a little about yourself and if there are any unique circumstances (family, job, IEP, etc.) that you would like to share with us so that we can help identify areas to support you.* 

Preferred Language:
How did you hear about the TRIO SSS program at FRCC? *

Sign and Submit:
I certify that the information given to the BCC TRIO SSS Program staff is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. If I am accepted into the BCC TRIO Student Support Services program, I will participate in services (three coaching sessions, two workshops and one peer mentor/tutoring session per semester.) I understand that these services will help me achieve my academic, graduation and careers goals.

I understand that by electronically signing this document by typing my full legal name, that I acknowledge, agree, and attest that the information provided by me is true and correct and I am freely intending to create and adopt this signature as my own legal binding electronic signature that carries the same legal effective and enforceability as my handwritten signature.
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